We design, develop and supply hotel fitness centers. We are dealers for many commercial manufacturers and have national mobility. We are not restricted to local regions as is the case with most dealers. We can accommodate your entire portfolio. We buy direct but do not maintain inventory. This lowers our operating costs and enables us to provide excellent pricing to the end user. From design to selection, to installation and maintenance, we are a lean and efficient  operation. We offer 24 hr./day support.  We can adhere to the hotel brand’s specs or we can utilize our own fabricated specifications.

Our hotel gym profit center concept provides larger hotels with a new revenue stream. What was once an after-thought is now a fully functional and lucrative commercial fitness center.




  • Architectural/Interior/Equipment Layout
  • CAD planning
  • Commercial grade equipment
  • Equipment selection factors
    1. Hotel brand’s specifications
    2. ProGymSytems’s specifications
    3. Fitness room dimensions
    4. Equipment size/quantity
    5. Number of guest rooms
    6. Demographics
    7. Fitness trends
    8. Budget




  • Equipment installation
  • Fitness flooring
  • Audio/video components
  • Access control
  • Camera security systems
  • Water/Air purifying systems
  • Equipment leasing




  • Annual preventive maintenance contracts (4 quarterly visits)
  • Equipment repair
  • Warranty work




  • No inventory or storefront improves our margins and lowers your costs
  • National mobility dealer (we eliminate your need to work with other regional or local suppliers)
  • Expansive catalogue of fitness equipment and products
  • Flexible and budget accommodating pricing
  • Hands-on client care
  • Efficient service
  • Sole source for all fitness products and services
  • Equipment leasing available




  • Sophisticated yet functional
  • Skilled design team
  • Minimum 3000 sq. ft required
  • Abundant natural light and outside views preferred
  • Turn-key – established equipment & operational specifications
  • Exclusive commercial gym within hotel
  • Limited memberships
  • High-end pricing
  • Focus on structured fitness programming
  • Private/group training and lifestyle coaching
  • Preventive care/risk management
  • Many revenue sources
    1. Membership (enrollment/monthly/PIF)
    2. Personal training (private/group)
    3. Personal training rent from trainers (optional)
    4. Health fairs
    5. Internal digital advertising
    6. Web advertising (club software/website)
    7. Sub-leasing to fitness/health related tenants
    8. Leasing gym to other management firm
  • Effective management strategy
    1. Streamlined
    2. Flexible
    3. Without excess
  • Increased foot traffic will directly benefit retail and restaurant operations