An on-site hospital fitness center designed and operated by ProGymSystems, is a convenient benefit for both staff and patients. Our goals are to improve employee and patient health as well as the financial health of the hospital. Structured fitness and lifestyle programs energize and motivate the staff.  Employee production will increase while absenteeism declines.  Participation in worksite fitness will lower health care costs for the hospital and the employees.  The savings will generate an accelerated return on investment.

Hospitals may select equipment and design services only.  Management programs are not required to benefit from our design and development services.


  • Staff and patient usage
  • CAD planning – architectural/interior/equipment layout
  • Commercial grade equipment
  • Rehabilitation specific equipment
  • Equipment selection factors
    1. Number of hospital staff
    2. Number of average rehabilitation patients
    3. New sports medicine/science rehab. techniques
    4. Demographics (children’s hospital, specialty hospital)
    5. Hospital requirements & requests
    6. ProGymSystems’ specifications & recommendations
    7. Architectural restrictions
    8. Fitness room dimensions
    9. Equipment size/quantity
    10. Fitness trends
    11. Budget


Management and Operation

  • Fitness staffing based on
  1. Number of hospital employees/users
  2. Gym size
  3. Peak operating hours
  4. Employee/patient fitness or health goals
  • Financial planning and budget management (if gym usage is fee based)
  • Equipment orientation and usage instruction
  • Internal marketing
  • Fitness and incentive programs
  • High risk member management
  • Alliance with health care insurer will improve rebates and reductions
  • Equipment maintenance and service
  • Web based software manages gym and encourages employee interaction
  • Profit Centers (sub-leasing, digital advertising, web advertising)
  • Multi-year contract and monthly management fee
  • Some services may require fees to be paid by the employee or hospital (personal training, group training, classes)


Health Programming

  • Private training
  • Group training
  • Program design
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Cross training excursions
  • Fitness assessments
  • Motivation and incentive initiatives
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury reconditioning
  • Program evaluation and tracking systems
  • Rewards
  • Health fairs
    1. Health risk assessment
    2. Health screening
    3. Life style modification


Customer’s Advantage

  • Expansive catalogue of fitness equipment and products
  • 30%-45% reductions on equipment pricing
  • High quality commercial equipment
  • Hands-on client care
  • Efficient operation platform
  • Sole source for all fitness/rehab products and services
  • Healthier employees
  • Addition to employee benefits package
  • Increased work output
  • High company moral and energy
  • Team builder platform
  • Recruitment and retention tool
  • Health insurer rebates/reductions
  • Turn-key system
  • Commercial health club amenities
  • Minimal start-up costs
  • Equipment leasing programs
  • Flexible management fee and contractual conditions
  • Improved bottom line