An on-site gym designed by ProGymSystems, provides fire and police personnel the tools to improve their general health and job performance.  Each layout is customized to meet the needs and requirements of each department or station. 



  • Department/station personnel interest survey
  • Site survey
  • CAD planning – architectural/interior/equipment layout
  • Commercial grade equipment
  • Equipment selection factors
    1. Client’s requirements & requests
    2. Number of personnel
    3. ProGymSystems’ specifications and recommendations
    4. Architectural restrictions
    5. Fitness room dimensions
    6. Equipment size/quantity
    7. Fitness trends
    8. Budget/Grant conditions

Fitness Consulting  

  • Private/group training
  • Off-site duty specific training 
  • Program design


 Customer’s Advantage

  • Expansive catalogue of fitness equipment and products
  • 30%-45% reductions on equipment pricing
  • High quality commercial equipment
  • Sole source for all fitness products and services
  • Healthier personnel
  • Addition to personnel benefits package
  • Increased work output
  • High department/station moral and energy
  • Team builder platform
  • Recruitment and retention tool
  • Equipment leasing programs