Commercial Gyms & Private/Group Training Studios


Whether you are creating a start-up gym, acquiring an existing one or renovating your current facility, our hands-on approach provides the following programs and services: business consulting, design/layout, equipment selection, equipment leasing, working capital line of credit, pre-sale, equipment/amenity installation, marketing and operation.


Gym Development

We will advise you on the space lease, provide attorney, accountant and other professional referrals.  In addition, gym acquisition consultation is another element of PGS’ services.


Our designers will create space plans, room layouts and interior design options including color schemes.  After the fitness equipment is selected, we will get started on flooring, locker systems, audio/video components, access control, camera systems, club software, service/maintenance, operations and management.


Fitness Equipment Lease/Working Capital Program

The program is based on the existing/projected monthly revenues/account receivables. If you lease new equipment from us, we are able to provide you a line of credit up to 40% of the lease value for start up capital or for the acquisition of an existing gym. This is assuming you have adequate cash flow or reasonable projections to service the loan. If you own an existing establishment and are in need of new equipment, you will qualify for the same program.


The line of credit is gained by leveraging the value of the new equipment lease and the loan payments are guaranteed from your accounts receivable.

This program allows you to avoid dealing with banks and their tough lending guidelines, restrictions, regulations and rejections.


PGS will not only be your investor but also your partner. We will assist in the design, set up, marketing and operation of your gym. You choose how much you want us to be involved.


All equipment including flooring, mirrors, computers, lockers, cameras and even taxes, freight and installation fees can be included in the lease.



Customer needs new equipment and $200K working capital

PGS creates layout and selects equipment

Leasing partner works with customer on lease terms and approval

Leasing partner pays PGS $500K for equipment

PGS lends customer $200K line of credit for working capital

PGS purchases equipment, schedules installation, installs and assembles equipment

Customer is responsible for lease through leasing company and line of credit through PGS


Getting Started Check List

  • Select site (or existing gym if acquisition)
  • Conduct demographic study. Contact commercial real estate company for data.
  • Write business plan/pro forma. (we have the template and can easily add in your projections)
  • Determine how much working capital will be needed
  • Set up business entity(s) (LLC, S-Corp, Corporation)
    1. Obtain SS-4 from to get your EIN (Employer ID Number/Tax ID)
    2. Contact local state office to register entity with state
    3. Attorneys will do this work for a fee
  • If applicable, do trademark search for gym name
  • File trademarks and patents for logos. Attorneys will do this work for a fee
  • Negotiate space lease – complete necessary paperwork
  • Along with PGS’ assistance with the equipment, complete and send required paperwork to equipment leasing company
  • A personal guarantee is a standard requirement for equipment leases even though the equipment lease is in the business entity’s name.
  • Most landlords will also require a personal guarantee of the space lease
  • Once leasing company pays PGS, working capital line of credit paperwork will be signed
  • Terms of PGS line of credit vary for each deal.


Forms Needed for Equipment Lease & Site Lease (forms for PGS working capital program will vary)

Common Requirements

Leasing application

Financial statement

Pay stubs


Other Requested Forms (differ from each lender/landlord)

Bank statements

Tax returns (usually only if self employed)

Business plan/Pro Forma



Promissory note


**Corporate/Business Entity information and personal guarantee signature are required for site lease, equipment lease and PGS working capital loan agreement. These requirements are industry standards and all companies adhere to these rules and regulations.