The design criteria differs with each market segment. However, the most critical elements are space/room size, equipment size/quantity, projected usage, demographics, fitness trends and budget.  Our CAD software allows us to create an accurate room layout based on all of the above factors.


We represent many reputable commercial, light commercial and residential equipment manufacturers.  Our vast equipment catalogue enables us to give our customers many choices and options.  Depending on available space and restrictions on specifications (usually only pertaining to hotels), each job can be easily customized.  Our manufacturer partners do our warehousing for us. This lowers our operating costs and enables us to offer highly flexible pricing.  We can work with even the tighest budgets. Whether you need one treadmill or enough machines to fill a 40,000 sq. ft. corporate gym, we are your source.


All centers can be managed. However, many do not require management due to inadequate room size or low usage. Our management focus is on hotel profit center gyms and work-site gyms for businesses.


Our greatest distinction is our national dealer status. Most fitness equipment dealers are regional or local only. We can accommodate your entire portfolio whether it extends across US or the globe. This greatly reduces your workload as you only need to place one call or email and your work is done!


We offer special equipment and machines for all market segments. For example, medical specific machines for medical offices, hospitals and seniors and light commercial lines for hotels and multi-housing projects. Work-site gyms and sports complexes require full commercial products while residential and light commercial equipment are better suited for home gyms.  Our consulting, lifestyle and preventive care programs are available for most segments but are primarily utilized in work-site gyms and hotel profit center gyms.


PGS has developed our own specifications and templates for each market application. All are designed for fast set up and implementation with minimal costs to the customer. Whether they are specs.  for a private hotel group or a turn-key system for your work-site gym, we can deliver efficiency and assurance.


ProGymSystems is a member of a vast fitness network which allows us easy access to management, staff, installation teams and maintenance providers.


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Work-site fitness

Office buildings/Office parks


Hotel FF&E/Purchasing Firms


Medical offices


Multi-Housing/Senior living

Country clubs


Sports complexes

Home gyms