Thomas, the founder and director, has over 20 years of extensive experience in the fitness industry. He has studied kinesiology, exercise physiology, human anatomy, motor concepts and various other fitness and health related readings and manuals. He has owned 4 fitness centers in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and North Carolina. Currently, Thomas is a member of The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).

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JOHN TARA – US Southeast

Multi-lingual and multi-talented, John brings years of financial and marketing experience to PGS. His “people skills” are unriviled. John’s personal approach to business results in stellar client service and exceptional client satisfaction. John will also oversee Caribbean operations.


Born in America, Mr. Miranda’s parents fled Cuba in the 60’s. His parents struggled but ultimately found success in the US. Their strong will and work ethic was obviously passed to Tomas. He is a part time personal trainer and motivator. He says, “success is how you feel, not how you look”. His goals at PGS are to network within the South Florida business community to promote our work-site gyms and lifestyle programs.


Retired Navy Seal and planet adventurer, Maddox’s knowledge of the human body’s limits parlay into his understanding of equipment specifications and bio-mechanics. This comprehension is crucial when selecting equipment for various demographics such as children and seniors. Maddox also works as a personal trainer. In addition to business to business prospecting, he is a home gym design specialist.

TAMARA ROE – Greater Los Angeles, San Diego

Passionate and constantly learning about whole food nutrition, health, wellness and fitness, Tamara is teamed up with other natural health professionals who are proactive in the AHMA (American Holistic Medical Association). She believes when we give our bodies what they need, we can heal them naturally. She LOVES helping people reach their optimal health. Her sincerity for the well-being of others will translate into new business development in the areas of corporate/work-site fitness and commercial office gym design.

DANIELLE DUPREE – Rocky Mountain States

Danielle is a former federal police officer turned National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and fitness model. She brings “big box” commercial fitness management and marketing experience to PGS. Danielle’s mission is to empower others to make educated decisions in their professional gym design projects.


Richard is not only a sports marketing prodigy but a proficient researcher and fact finder as well. His role is to integrate PGS with professional and amateur sports leagues, teams and organizations. Established PGS services such as gym design, development and management will be accompanied by recruitment and oversight of medical teams, strength and conditioning specialists and sports trainers.

By forging these alliances, PGS will rapidly expand beyond the vertical market.


Golf and Country club “Club Gym” marketing professional.

KEN GOLDING – DC Area Director